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The buoyancy diet

Who knew reading would be so... relieving!

A diet that will stick with you!

The diet that sticks with you
We will help you reinvent the way you look at your body and your life. Where other diets try to restrict and control you, we believe that happiness is the key to good health and the mouth is the gateway to the soul.
Some plants (mostly as garnish)
Lots of sitting
Exercise? It's overrated!

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Some Happy (Buoyant) Customers

Check out how the Buoyancy Diet changed the lives of these former diet-haters.

Average rating of 4.5/5 by random people we asked
"This is not a book. Well, it is a book, but it is so much more. It is a guide. Before I read The Buoyancy Diet, I was sure of everything in my life. Now, I put my pants on two legs at a time."
Eric R, Denver, CO
"I honestly laughed at myself for buying this book. Then I laughed while I read this book. Now I laugh about remembering things that I read in this book."
Mike F, Boise, ID
“I haven't lost any weight.”
Candice J, Boston, MA
Inside the Book
Step 4
Even sailors Drink
The Sun Is Always Over the Yardarm Somewhere in the World.
No diet would be complete if we didn't discuss drinking. Whether you enjoy a pint of draught ale, a tall gin and tonic with lime, umbrella drinks, grog or a wee dram, the sun is always over the yardarm somewhere in the world...
Step 11
Seven rules of european beaches
Looking never hurt anyone.
Some time ago I lived in Scotland with my wife Kathy and our two sons. Both our children, John and Jake, were young teenagers at the time. We had the opportunity to travel extensively in Europe and enjoyed visiting many European beaches...

1. No staring
2. No telling your mother I was staring
3. No binoculars
4. No photos. Especially with a telephoto lens
Step 15
Sex and the buoyancy diet
Sex is highly recommended.
Preferably in the sand on a secluded cove beach, under the palms on a moonlit night, or while bobbing along in the surf. And even if you don’t have a water bed, any bed will do...

*Caution – This step gets technical discussing the discussion the mass, force and thrust of floating objects!

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