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A book your kids will love!

Introducing the An Imaginable Sight - The Four Seasons Series.

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Four Books in One
AN Imaginable sight

Jogging in the Mist

AN Imaginable sight

Canoeing in the Breeze

AN Imaginable sight

Cycling in the Leaves

AN Imaginable sight

Walking in the Snow

A fun way to learn about the four seasons


Go for a jog with our main characters in the spring mist as they stumble upon an unlikely group enjoying the warm air and bright spring sunshine.


Hit the water in a canoe with our main characters as they paddle a small lake to escape the heat of summer and find some rather peculiar friends.


Peddle your way through the moon-lit woods on a fall night with our main characters as they try to get a good look at the creatures playing a game amongst the leaves.


Bear the frigid cold of the winter with our main characters as they go for a walk in the snow. You never know what you may find spending its time on the frozen lake.
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An Imaginable Sight - The Four Seasons Series

This collection of four short stories is written in whimsical rhyme and will entice the reader and listener to want to read on. A young lad and his dog are the main characters that witness some amazing and imaginable sights while enjoying outdoor activities in each of the four seasons.

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