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Buoyancy Diet Can Koozie

$ 6.00 USD
$ 6.00 USD

This is the koolest koozie money can buy. Bottoms up! Make your friends and family soup-jelly as you throw a few cold ones back in the Buoyancy Diet Can Koozie.

How To Use
Additional Information
Made with plants... Probably
Buoyancy Guarantee
No avocados were harmed making this product

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Customers have good things to say.

"This is not a book. Well, it is a book, but it is so much more. It is a guide. Before I read The Buoyancy Diet, I was sure of everything in my life. Now, I put my pants on two legs at a time."
Eric R. Boulder
"I honestly laughed at myself for buying this book. Then I laughed while I read this book. Now I laugh about remembering things that I read in this book."
Mike F, Boise, ID

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